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Sadio Mane Opens Up About His Altercation with Leroy Sane and Future at Bayern

In a fiery incident following Bayern’s 3-0 defeat to Manchester City during the Champions League quarter-final in March, tensions escalated between Sadio Mane and his teammate, Sane, within the Bayern dressing room. Mane, initially upset by Leroy Sane’s on-pitch behaviour, allegedly resorted to punching him.

Consequently, the Senegalese international was ejected from the dressing room and subsequently suspended by the club. Manager Thomas Tuchel swiftly declared the matter closed.

Recently, Sadio Mane broke his silence on the altercation, acknowledging that he could have handled the situation more appropriately.

Sadio Mane Reflects on the Incident

During an interview with Senegalese television station 2sTV, Mane shared his thoughts on the incident, stating, “Something like that can happen. It happened. We were able to resolve this minor issue. Sometimes, it’s good to address problems, but perhaps not in that manner. That is now behind us.”

After completing a permanent transfer from Liverpool to Bayern last summer, Mane encountered difficulties in meeting the high expectations set for him in his inaugural season at Allianz Arena. Hampered by injuries during the festive period, Mane struggled to regain his form and found himself displaced from the starting lineup.

Speculation has arisen regarding his potential departure from Bayern, with rumours suggesting a return to the Premier League. However, Mane has expressed his commitment to remaining in Germany for the time being.

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“If everything goes well, I will stay at Bayern,” he affirmed. “It has been a challenging season, but challenges are a part of the game. I anticipated it would be somewhat arduous. That’s normal. I relish challenges, and Bayern represents a significant one. Now, it’s my responsibility to give my all and overcome this challenge.”

The Agent’s Perspective

Bacary Cisse, Mane’s agent, also addressed the topic during an interview with 2sTV, responding to recent reports linking his client to clubs in Saudi Arabia. Cisse deemed Sadio Mane’s debut season in Germany as “not bad” and stated, “I haven’t received any information about offers from Saudi Arabia. It is certain that he will continue with Bayern.”

In conclusion, despite the incident with Sane and a challenging season at Bayern, Mane remains focused on his commitment to the club. While rumours persist, his agent confirms that Mane’s immediate future lies with Bayern.

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