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Noah Raveyre: Young Goalkeeper Set to Join AC Milan

Noah Raveyre, the talented goalkeeper from the ASSE Academy, has declined the offer to extend his contract and is on the verge of signing with a prominent Serie A club. After the expiration of his contract, Raveyre has chosen to leave the ASSE freely and pursue his career in Italy.

According to reliable sources, the 18-year-old goalkeeper is set to join AC Milan in the coming hours. Before finalizing his first professional contract, Raveyre is expected to undergo a medical examination with the Lombard Club.

Although he won’t immediately compete with Mike Maignan, Raveyre will initially join AC Milan’s U19 team before aiming for a spot in the professional squad.

Noah Raveyre Opts for International Career Launch

Noah Raveyre, previously the first-choice goalkeeper for the ASSE reserves, lost his position at the start of the last season due to his refusal to extend his contract with Saint-Etienne. Despite this setback, Raveyre’s talent and qualities earned him the trust of the coaching staff.

Laurent Batlles demonstrated his faith in Raveyre by giving him a chance in the ill-fated match against Le Havre (0-6) in Ligue 2 on August 20, 2022.

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A Promising Start and a Departure from ASSE

During the game, Raveyre replaced Etienne Green, who was sent off in the 66th minute. Hailing from Puy-en-Velay, Raveyre arrived in Forez in 2018 after playing for his first training club, Puy Foot.

Despite the promising future that awaited him at ASSE, Raveyre’s enthusiasm for the project at Saint-Etienne waned, leading him to choose an international career launch.

Noah Raveyre, the highly regarded goalkeeper, has decided to part ways with the ASSE Academy and pursue his career abroad. His refusal to extend his contract with Saint-Etienne has resulted in a move to AC Milan in Serie A. While Raveyre will initially join AC Milan’s U19 team, his ultimate goal is to secure a place in the professional squad.

Despite not competing directly with Mike Maignan, Raveyre’s talent and determination will undoubtedly contribute to his future success. As he embarks on this new chapter, the football world awaits the promising journey of Noah Raveyre in Italy.

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