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Robert Lewandowski Shares Insight on Ilkay Gundogan’s Move to Barcelona

Robert Lewandowski, the renowned footballer, has provided valuable insight into his conversation with Ilkay Gundogan, which was pivotal in convincing the midfielder to make a significant move to Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski and Ilkay Gundogan reunited at Camp Nou, where the midfielder chose to depart from Manchester City and align himself with Xavi’s team.

Lewandowski’s Candid Discussion

Lewandowski, known for his candid approach, shared his thoughts on his conversation with Gundogan. Reflecting on his successful debut season, which led to a La Liga triumph, Lewandowski openly discussed his insights.

The footballer stated, “Before he joined Barcelona, I spoke with him and told him the truth.” Lewandowski’s transparent communication extended beyond the club itself.

He delved into the intricate aspects of Barcelona, including the team dynamics, the city’s ambience, and the remarkable journey ahead.

Recalling their shared history, Lewandowski mentioned their time together at Dortmund nearly a decade ago. Their connection and camaraderie allowed Lewandowski to offer genuine advice to Gundogan: “Ilkay if you join us, you will see how big this club is worldwide.”

Robert Lewandowski’s Personal Experience

Describing the club as more than just a football team, Lewandowski praised the welcoming atmosphere both on and off the field. “It is not only a club — it is also the atmosphere. Our teammates are very friendly, and the people in Barcelona are very friendly and give us great support.”

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Lewandowski is optimistic about Gundogan’s journey with Barcelona, expressing his belief that the midfielder will thrive in his new environment. “Of course, he needs more time to be in Barcelona, but he chose perfectly. We will see his best form with Barca.”

The bond between Lewandowski and Gundogan is expected to contribute positively to the individual players and the club as a whole. Lewandowski emphasized, “We have a connection as we know each other very well, so it will be a very good transfer — not only for me but for the club.”

Gundogan’s Readiness

While Ilkay Gundogan sustained an injury during the club’s pre-season tour, the team remains hopeful that he will be fully fit for their season-opener against Getafe.

Robert Lewandowski’s insightful advice and honest conversation played a significant role in Ilkay Gundogan’s decision to join Barcelona. With a shared history and a strong bond, both players are poised to contribute positively to the club’s success in the upcoming season.

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