Solbakken coversation with Haaland sounds ominous for Scotland as Man City star ready for do or die clash

Norway Faces Scotland: Erling Haaland’s Return and the Euro 2024 Qualifier

The national team, led by coach Stale Solbakken, is gearing up for an important Euro 2024 qualifier against Scotland. The spotlight is on Erling Haaland, the goal-scoring machine from Manchester City. Despite celebrating the Champions League victory, Haaland is ready to make a big impact on the game.

Haaland’s Return and Norway’s Optimism

Stale Solbakken expressed confidence in Erling Haaland’s ability to overcome his celebrations and perform at his best. Although Haaland had a few days off after Manchester City’s triumph, he joined the Norwegian team and took part in a short workout. He will undergo full training to prepare for the crucial qualifier match.

Solbakken had a positive conversation with Haaland and believes he is in good physical and mental condition, setting the stage for a successful return.

Managing Haaland’s Recovery

To ensure Haaland’s smooth reintegration, the team is gradually easing him back into training. While he participated in some sessions earlier this week, he will play in a full-sized private game on Thursday as part of his preparation.

Solbakken is optimistic about Haaland’s progress, although he acknowledges that the player’s muscle mass and fitness levels may need some adjustment. Nonetheless, Haaland’s commitment and determination to perform at his best are evident.

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Quest for Points

With only one point from their first two games, they understand the importance of defeating Scotland to maintain their chances of advancing to the next round. The team is well aware of the significance of the upcoming qualifier and will strive to secure a victory.

The encounter against Scotland carries high stakes, and Norway’s players are prepared to give their all on the field.

As Norway prepares to face Scotland in the Euro 2024 qualifier, Erling Haaland’s return and the team’s determination to secure a win take center stage.

Despite celebrations following Manchester City’s success, Haaland is eager to make a significant impact on the game. With Norway aiming to accumulate crucial points and keep their tournament hopes alive, this match promises excitement and intense competition on the pitch.

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