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Marcus Rashford’s Insight on Manchester City’s Treble Triumph and United’s Ambitions

Manchester United’s forward, Marcus Rashford, shares his thoughts on rivals Manchester City’s impressive Treble win last season, while expressing his determination to close the gap between the two teams in the upcoming season.

Marcus Rashford on Manchester City’s Treble Triumph

Marcus Rashford admits that it was tough to watch Manchester City achieve the rare Treble triumph, securing the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup titles in the same season. However, he gives credit to the team for their success.

Manchester City’s success in completing the Treble emulates Manchester United’s historic achievement in 1999. Rashford acknowledges the similarity but also expresses a desire to get closer to City’s level in the next season.

Rashford’s Praise for Manchester City

Rashford praises Manchester City as a strong team, deserving of their victories in the Champions League and FA Cup finals. He recognizes their ability to win trophies when given the opportunity and identifies consistency as the key factor setting them apart.

In the interview, Rashford emphasizes the importance of consistency in football. He mentions that Manchester City’s consistency has been pivotal in their success, with the average points needed to win the league significantly higher compared to previous years.

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Marcus Rashford discusses the impact of manager Erik ten Hag, who has played a significant role in reducing the points gap between United and City. Rashford is determined to further narrow the gap by rectifying the team’s mistakes.

United’s Ambition to Win the League

Rashford confidently states that the team’s ambition is to win the league. As ambitious players, they are determined to win every game and secure the title. He emphasizes the need to correct mistakes that resulted in dropped points last season.

Marcus Rashford’s insights provide an interesting perspective on Manchester City’s Treble win and Manchester United’s aspirations to compete for the top honors.

The interview highlights the importance of consistency and the team’s ambition to learn from their mistakes and challenge for the league title.

With Marcus Rashford’s determination and the guidance of Erik ten Hag, Manchester United aims to close the gap and elevate their performance in the upcoming season.

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