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Marcus Rashford’s Determination to Enhance His Game: Focusing on Weaknesses

Manchester United’s dynamic winger, Marcus Rashford, aims to elevate his performance by addressing his key vulnerabilities – heading ability and left-foot proficiency.

Despite a stellar 2022-23 season, where he netted 30 goals and contributed 11 assists across 56 appearances, Rashford remains dedicated to fortifying his weaker aspects on the field.

In the previous campaign, Marcus Rashford’s remarkable achievements propelled Manchester United to a third-place finish in the Premier League and secured the EFL Cup in February. Acknowledged with the club’s Player of the Year award, Rashford aims to build upon this success by refining his skills further.

On The Overlap YouTube channel, Rashford emphasized his unyielding commitment to self-improvement. He stated, “There’s always elements I can add to my game, and working on your strengths is important. You want to get your weaknesses as good as they can, but they are often behind your strengths.”

Targeting Weaknesses – Heading and Left-Foot

Marcus Rashford candidly revealed his areas of focus – heading and left-foot precision. Addressing his heading capability, he shared, “My heading is getting better, but I feel like I should score more because I outjump most people.” He aims to enhance his aerial threat for seven to ten-headed goals in a season.

Discussing his left-foot proficiency, Rashford attributed success to confidence. He explained, “My left foot is just about confidence, and when I’m confident, I’ll score with it. If I’m feeling confident, strong, fit, and healthy, if I get an opportunity on my left, I’ve got a good chance of scoring as long as I’m in the right areas.”

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Despite his impressive career statistics, encompassing 123 goals in 359 appearances for Manchester United, Marcus Rashford is aware of room for growth.

His records reveal that out of these goals, only eight came from headers and 17 from his left foot, as reported by Statbunker.

Following pre-season friendlies in the United States, Manchester United encountered a series of unexpected losses, casting a shadow over their optimism. Despite pre-season victories against Leeds United, Arsenal, and Lyon, the team struggled against Wrexham (3-1), Real Madrid (2-0), and Borussia Dortmund (3-2).

Marcus Rashford’s Resilience

Rashford remains unfazed by these pre-season setbacks and is determined to regain his form. As he seeks to reclaim his scoring prowess, all eyes are on his upcoming friendly match against Lens at Old Trafford on August 5.

Marcus Rashford’s unrelenting commitment to self-improvement reflects his dedication to reaching new heights in his football career. By honing his heading skills and boosting his confidence in using his left foot, Rashford aims to contribute even more significantly to Manchester United’s success in the seasons ahead.


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