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Manchester City Fans Demand Earlier Kick-off Time for Community Shield

Manchester City fans are voicing their concerns and demanding a change in the kick-off time for the Community Shield. The initial schedule set the start time for 5:30 pm, but a supporters’ group called 1984 has called for the kick-off to be moved back even further to 3 pm.

Citing the power of football fans, the group warns against underestimating their influence and highlights previous successes in protecting fan interests. They encourage fans to boycott the match and instead donate to food banks to showcase their unity and strength.

A dedicated group of Manchester City fans, known as 1984, has united to demand an earlier kick-off time for the Community Shield. Recognizing the impact of organized fan movements, particularly in the aftermath of the Super League controversy, the group emphasizes the power of football fans and their ability to shape the sport they love.

Manchester City Fans Call for a Sensible Kick-off Time

The scheduled kick-off time for the Community Shield has been moved from 5:30 pm to 4 pm, but 1984 insists that this is not enough. They argue for a 3 pm start time to accommodate the needs of Manchester City supporters and allow them to travel back at a more reasonable hour.

The match against Arsenal marks the classic season opener, making it an ideal opportunity for fan pressure to influence the authorities.

In a statement sent to The Football Supporters’ Association, the 1984 group highlights the significant achievements of fan power, including preventing the Super League, capping away ticket prices, eliminating ID card requirements, and introducing safe standing.

They emphasize that fans possess more influence than they realize and have the ability to shape decisions that impact their matchday experiences.

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Addressing Fan Concerns

Manchester City fans face unique challenges when attending matches at Wembley compared to regular away trips to London.

The supporters’ group acknowledges these difficulties and calls upon ITV and the FA to consider an earlier kick-off time to facilitate family attendance and ensure a more convenient travel experience. With ten times the usual away allocation for the Community Shield, the demands of supporters require consideration and accommodation.

The 1984 group presents the Community Shield as a test of fan power. While recognizing the difficulty of sacrificing the opportunity to watch their beloved team, they encourage fans to make a statement by boycotting the match. It is an opportunity for fans to showcase their unity and willingness to walk away from attending if their value is not upheld and their interests are not prioritized.

Manchester City fans are rallying together to demand an earlier kick-off time for the Community Shield. The 1984 group highlights the power of football fans and their ability to influence decisions that affect their matchday experiences.

By making their voices heard and demonstrating their unity, Manchester City supporters aim to bring about positive change and ensure that their interests are valued and respected by the authorities.

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