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Kylian Mbappe Rejects Al Hilal €300 Million Contract Offer

In a surprising turn of events, Al Hilal has tabled a jaw-dropping €300 million offer for Kylian Mbappe, a world-record deal that PSG is contemplating.

The Saudi Arabian giants are willing to offer Mbappe an astounding €700 million per season contract, with a clause allowing him to join Real Madrid in 2024. However, the latest update reveals Mbappe’s reluctance to move to Saudi Arabia, creating a challenging situation for PSG.

Kylian Mbappe Rejects Al Hilal’s Lucrative Offer

Journalist Sergio Fernandez reports that despite PSG’s readiness to accept Al Hilal’s colossal bid, Mbappe has firmly declined the move to the Middle East outfit. He will wait on the bench or in the stands for the next season rather than sign for the Saudi Arabian giants.

To expedite Mbappe’s sale, PSG is putting pressure on the young talent by various means, including excluding him from the pre-season tour of Asia.

The longer the situation lingers, the weaker PSG’s position becomes. The French champions are eager to avoid Mbappe’s Bosman move to Real Madrid in 2024 and are exploring alternative strategies.

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Tensions with Real Madrid and Barcelona’s Interest

Real Madrid, known for their interest in Mbappe, has remained silent amid the developments. PSG aims to force Real Madrid into action by potentially fueling rumours of interest from Barcelona.

To paint Mbappe negatively, PSG aims to depict him as a “bad apple” for refusing Al Hilal’s offer, despite the club standing to gain €300 million from the transfer. PSG fears the possibility of Mbappe joining Real Madrid on a Bosman move and is determined to avoid this outcome at all costs.

How the standoff between PSG, Al Hilal, and Mbappe will be resolved remains uncertain as the situation unfolds.

Mbappe’s refusal to join Al Hilal and his commitment to a potential move to Real Madrid keep the football world on edge. PSG’s urgent desire to offload the star player adds to the intrigue surrounding this high-stakes transfer saga.

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