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England midfielder Kalvin Phillips is determined to stay and fight for his place at Etihad

Kalvin Phillips, the talented midfielder from Manchester City, has expressed his strong desire to remain with the club. Despite experiencing a challenging first season at the Etihad Stadium, Kalvin Phillips is determined to establish himself and contribute to the team’s future accomplishments.

His commitment comes after City’s historic treble triumph, leaving him with no reason to seek a departure from the club. However, he acknowledges that consistent playing time is crucial for his decision-making process.

Having made the move from Leeds United to Manchester City last summer, the 27-year-old England international faced obstacles such as injuries and selection decisions that limited his game time during the season.

Kalvin Phillips started only two Premier League matches as City dominated their opponents en route to their treble victory. Nonetheless, his dedication to the club remains unwavering, and he credits City’s medical staff for their support in helping him regain full fitness.

Resolute in His Intentions: Focusing on Manchester City

Phillips firmly states his intention to remain at Manchester City. With the treble already secured, he acknowledges that playing time will be a crucial factor in his decision-making process.

While reflecting on his initial season, he emphasizes his desire to win trophies and contribute significantly to the team. Despite facing challenges, including injuries that affected his involvement with the England national team, Phillips is relieved to be back in full fitness and is optimistic about the upcoming season.

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The midfielder sought advice from fellow Manchester City players, such as Nathan Ake and England colleague Jack Grealish, who had also experienced challenges adapting to Pep Guardiola’s style of play. They reassured Phillips that the initial 12 months at the club can be demanding but ultimately pave the way for growth and improvement.

Phillips acknowledges the complexity of understanding Guardiola’s system and recognizes the importance of pre-season preparations to solidify his role within the team.

Looking Ahead: Kalvin Phillips’ Off-Season and Future Discussions with Pep Guardiola

Kalvin Phillips plans to enjoy his off-season with family, friends, and his girlfriend before returning to focus on his development at Manchester City. He intends to engage in a conversation with Pep Guardiola, although he understands the importance of giving the manager and himself some downtime before discussing future plans.

Phillips looks forward to reinforcing his commitment and ambitions during pre-season preparations, knowing that perseverance and dedication are key to success at City.

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