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Juventus Open to Dusan Vlahovic Transfer as Part of Romelu Lukaku Deal

Juventus, facing a period of uncertainty due to financial irregularities and a potential European football ban, are open to the idea of Chelsea signing Dusan Vlahovic if they can secure the services of Romelu Lukaku in a part-exchange deal.

Juventus’ Uncertain Situation and Financial Constraints

Juventus, once a dominant force in Italian football, finished in seventh position in Serie A last season due to a 10-point penalty. There are reports of a potential ban from European football, further emphasizing the need for the club to stabilize its financial situation ahead of a potential return to continental action in the future.

Streamlining the first-team squad has become a priority for Juventus, but doubts remain regarding the future of Dusan Vlahovic, who is reportedly unsettled in Turin.

Vlahovic arrived at Juventus in January 2022 for an alleged fee of €80 million, but reports suggest that the Serbia international is seeking an exit just 18 months later. However, it remains uncertain if any club is willing to pay the same fee or allow Juventus to recoup their investment. In response, Juventus is open to presenting a proposal to Chelsea, leveraging Vlahovic’s potential transfer to support their own pursuit of Romelu Lukaku.

Juventus’ Proposal: Vlahovic in Exchange for Lukaku

According to Corriere dello Sport, Juventus has offered Chelsea the opportunity to sign Dusan Vlahovic for a reduced fee of €25 million (£21.37 million) if they include Romelu Lukaku in the agreement.

Despite Chelsea’s abundance of attacking options, the potential offer may interest manager Mauricio Pochettino as a means to offload Lukaku and ease the club’s outgoings.

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Lukaku’s Complex Transfer Situation

Romelu Lukaku’s connection to Inter Milan, his former club and recent loan employer, complicates any potential switch unless Inter indicates an inability to meet Chelsea’s demands. The Telegraph reports that Chelsea, as Champions League runners-up, is preparing a £35 million bid for Lukaku.

Additionally, Lukaku is reportedly open to taking a pay cut to facilitate a return to San Siro. However, the player’s potential transfer to Saudi Arabia, with its significant financial power, adds another dimension to the situation, depending on Inter’s determination to retain Lukaku.

Juventus’ uncertain future and financial constraints have led to the consideration of a potential transfer involving Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku. While Juventus aims to stabilize its squad and finances, the prospect of Vlahovic departing just 18 months after his arrival remains uncertain. Chelsea has been presented with an opportunity to sign Vlahovic at a reduced fee if they include Lukaku in the agreement.

The complex transfer situation surrounding Lukaku adds further intrigue to the potential deal, with his affinity for Inter Milan and other potential suitors vying for his signature. As the transfer saga unfolds, the future of both Vlahovic and Lukaku will become clearer.

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