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Franck Kessie Transfer Rumors: Juventus Eyeing Former AC Milan Midfielder

The midfield transfer market has been relatively quiet for Juventus since Adrien Rabiot signed a contract extension. However, as the team prepares for their United States tour, a new name has emerged on the potential signing front.

Former AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie is reportedly on the outs at Barcelona, presenting an opportunity for Juventus. The Italian club is interested in securing Franck Kessie on loan this summer with an option to buy in the future. While negotiations are still ongoing, the Ivorian player is yet to make a final decision regarding his future.

Franck Kessie’s Uncertain Situation at Barcelona

Franck Kessie’s potential return to Italy is a topic of speculation. After spending five seasons with Milan, Kessie joined Barcelona on a free transfer just 12 months ago. However, his time at Barcelona has been underwhelming, with limited playing opportunities and modest contributions on the field.

Sky Italia has reported contact between Juventus and Barcelona to explore the possibility of a deal. Kessie’s willingness to leave Barcelona and his desire to return to Italy will play a crucial role in any potential transfer.

Kessie’s Impressive Stint at Milan

During his time at AC Milan, Franck Kessie established himself as one of the top midfielders in Serie A. He showcased his scoring prowess, netting 19 goals in 68 league appearances over his final two seasons with the club.

Kessie’s contributions were vital to Milan’s success, including winning the Scudetto in his final season at San Siro. However, he has struggled to replicate that form at Barcelona, with limited opportunities to showcase his abilities.

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Juventus’ Interest and Potential Impact

The pursuit of Franck Kessie indicates Juventus’ interest in bolstering their midfield. While the specific role and impact of Kessie in the team remain uncertain, his past performances suggest he could be a valuable addition.

The potential signing may serve as depth for Juventus’ crowded midfield or be part of a larger transfer strategy yet to be revealed. The negotiations between Juventus and Barcelona are ongoing, and Kessie’s decision will determine the deal’s progress.

The rumours surrounding Franck Kessie’s potential move to Juventus highlight the ongoing transfer activity in the football world. As negotiations continue between the clubs, Kessie’s decision to leave Barcelona and return to Italy remains uncertain.

Juventus sees the talented midfielder as a valuable asset, considering his past successes in Serie A. The transfer window holds the promise of new beginnings and exciting opportunities, and the outcome of Kessie’s potential move to Juventus will undoubtedly shape the team’s future midfield dynamics.

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