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Emmanuel Petit Envisions Kai Havertz Thriving in Midfield Role at Arsenal

Emmanuel Petit’s Perspective on Kai Havertz’s Position at Arsenal

Former footballer Emmanuel Petit shares his insights on Kai Havertz’s potential role at Arsenal, suggesting that Mikel Arteta should consider deploying the versatile German midfielder in a more central position.

Amidst talks of Havertz being repackaged as a No.8 by Arteta, Petit believes his best-suited work is just behind the No.9 in an attacking midfield role.

Kai Havertz, 24, spent three successful years at Chelsea before being acquired by Arsenal for a notable £65 million.

During his time at Stamford Bridge, he played primarily as a striker. Still, Arteta envisions a different role for him in his current system – as a left-sided No.8. Petit, however, sees Havertz excelling In a slightly deeper position, using his dynamic playing style to impact the game from midfield.

The Ideal Midfield Setup for Arsenal

According to Petit, Arteta’s desired midfield setup involves three players, with Declan Rice holding the midfield while Havertz and Odegaard operate as No.8’s. Petit believes this configuration would allow Havertz to showcase his full potential, relying on his mobility and constant movement to influence the game positively.

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Despite struggling to meet expectations at Chelsea, Havertz etched his name into their history by scoring the winning goal in the 2021 Champions League final.

Petit expresses surprise at Chelsea’s decision to sell him to their London rivals, Arsenal, believing that he could have been a valuable part of Chelsea’s future.

As Petit shares his thoughts on Havertz’s ideal position, he acknowledges that occasionally, Havertz may be required to fill in as a striker, depending on player availability. Nevertheless, he firmly believes that in the midfield area, Havertz will truly flourish in Arteta’s tactical setup.

Emmanuel Petit’s perspective sheds light on Kai Havertz’s potential as he embarks on his journey with Arsenal.

The French football legend sees a bright future for Havertz in a more central role, and with Arteta’s guidance, fans can look forward to witnessing Havertz’s talents in full display from the heart of the pitch.

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