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Christian Pulisic’s Transfer Decision: AC Milan Preferred Over Lyon

Christian Pulisic, the American striker, has become the subject of interest from both AC Milan and Lyon. While Olympique Lyonnais made a recent offer of 25 million euros for Pulisic, the player’s preference seems to lean towards joining AC Milan.

This creates a challenging situation for Lyon, whose sporting project may not align with the ambitions of the talented American star.

AC Milan Emerges as Pulisic’s Preferred Choice

Despite Lyon’s efforts, AC Milan has positioned itself as a top contender for Christian Pulisic’s signature this summer.

The Italian club considers the American striker a priority and competes fiercely with Lyon for his services. While both clubs are willing to offer substantial sums to convince Chelsea to part with Pulisic, Lyon’s 25 million euro bid currently stands as the highest.

Lyon’s offer for Pulisic raises eyebrows, given the financial challenges the club currently faces. With a need to secure 60 million euros to stabilize their finances, Lyon’s pursuit of the American striker adds further pressure.

Lyon is scheduled for a meeting with the financial watchdog, DNCG, this week, and the club’s ability to navigate this situation remains uncertain.

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Potential Consequences and Uncertainties

Despite the offer on the table, no sale has been finalized for Christian Pulisic. Lyon’s pursuit of the American striker while under financial scrutiny raises concerns and may not be well-received by the DNCG.

John Textor, the American investor associated with Lyon, must tread carefully to avoid potential sanctions and complications that could jeopardize the club’s stability.

Christian Pulisic’s decision to favour AC Milan over Lyon poses a setback for Lyon’s aspirations. The 24-year-old American striker appears more inclined to join AC Milan this summer, creating an unfavourable outcome for Lyon’s sporting project.

With financial challenges already looming, Lyon must carefully evaluate its next steps to maintain stability and avoid potential repercussions.

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