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Benjamin Mendy Trial: Alleged Rape Incident and Testimonies Revealed

The ongoing trial at Chester Crown Court involves ex-Manchester City star Benjamin Mendy, who has been accused of rape by a woman. The jury heard distressing testimonies today, describing the woman’s terrified appearance after the alleged assault.

Mendy, a French international footballer, denies the rape charge and an additional charge of attempted rape involving another woman.

Alleged Incident at Benjamin Mendy’s Mansion

During a Covid-era party at his mansion in October 2020, Benjamin Mendy allegedly assaulted a 24-year-old woman. The prosecution asserts that the woman appeared terrified and visibly shaken following the incident. Mendy, 28, faces charges of rape and attempted rape relating to another woman, both of which he denies.

One of the woman’s friends, who was part of a group invited to Benjamin Mendy’s house after meeting him at a nearby bar, gave evidence regarding their experience. She expressed reservations about attending the party due to a negative impression of Mendy’s male companion, whom she described as rude, bossy, and controlling.

The atmosphere at the bar, where former Manchester United star Jesse Lingard was also present, seemed fine, but she personally wanted to go home.

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According to the friend’s testimony, Mendy showed a particular interest in another girl from their group, persistently interacting with her. The conversation included discussions about attending a party at Mendy’s residence, although the woman and her friend initially felt uncomfortable and had reservations. Despite their hesitation, they ultimately agreed to go to the party, not wanting to spoil the mood for others.

Disturbing Encounter at Mendy’s Home

Upon arriving at Mendy’s mansion, the alleged victim and her friends were instructed to surrender their phones by his companion.

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The friend refused, expressing concerns about being in an isolated location. In the downstairs pool area, Benjamin Mendy allegedly snatched the alleged victim’s phone to ensure she wasn’t posting anything on social media. The friend became worried when the woman failed to return for a significant period and went to search for her upstairs.

When the friend found the woman near the staircase, she appeared terrified, as if she had seen a ghost. The woman urgently requested to leave, and when the friend mentioned retrieving her shoes, the woman insisted on leaving immediately. They departed in the friend’s car with two others, while one friend chose to remain at the party.

During the journey, the alleged victim seemed quiet and different from her usual cheerful self, which the friend attributed to fatigue.

The trial of Benjamin Mendy continues at Chester Crown Court, with distressing testimonies highlighting the alleged rape incident and its impact on the woman involved.

Mendy, previously acquitted of multiple sex attack charges, faces serious accusations. The trial is expected to last up to three weeks as the jury evaluates the evidence and testimonies presented.

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