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Barcelona Considering Oriol Romeu as Sergio Busquets’ Replacement

Barcelona is actively exploring options to replace the legendary Sergio Busquets in their midfield, and one name that has emerged is former youth player Oriol Romeu. While not the club’s first-choice target, Romeu is seen as a viable alternative after Barcelona’s pursuit of Joshua Kimmich and Martin Zubimendi proved unsuccessful.

Coach Xavi has expressed admiration for Romeu’s abilities and believes he can thrive within Barcelona’s tactical system. The club’s coaching staff sees Romeu as a defensive-minded midfielder who can provide balance and allow new signing Ilkay Gundogan more freedom in the attacking third.

Oriol Romeu’s Suitability for Barcelona

At 31 years old, Oriol Romeu brings experience and competence to the midfield. He is well-versed in Barcelona’s Juego de position system, having learned it during his time at La Masia.

Xavi, in particular, appreciates Romeu’s understanding of the system and believes he has the qualities to shine at Barcelona.

With his defensive work ethic, Romeu is considered an ideal replacement for Busquets in the number six position. His presence would offer defensive stability, allowing players like Gundogan to focus on their attacking responsibilities.

Barcelona’s coaching staff recognizes the need for proper balance in midfield. They aim to utilize dynamic players such as Pedri and Gavi in the second line of the press while leveraging Gundogan’s attacking prowess.

With Romeu providing defensive support, the team can achieve the desired equilibrium in midfield for the upcoming season. The club sees him as a key component in maintaining control and facilitating smooth transitions between defence and attack.

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Negotiations and Financial Considerations

While Barcelona is convinced of Oriol Romeu’s suitability, they face the challenge of reaching an agreement with Girona, his current club. Recent reports suggest that the midfielder’s price tag could be around €8 million, a significant amount for a player in the latter stages of his career.

Barcelona will likely seek to negotiate and reduce the cost of the operation to make the transfer financially viable. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining whether Barcelona can secure Romeu’s services at a favourable price.

As Barcelona looks to rebuild their midfield following the imminent departure of Sergio Busquets, Oriol Romeu has emerged as a potential candidate for the role. Despite not being the club’s initial choice, Romeu’s familiarity with Barcelona’s tactical system, defensive capabilities, and experience make him a viable option. Coach Xavi believes in his ability to excel within the team.

Negotiations with Girona will play a crucial role in determining whether Barcelona can secure Romeu’s services at a cost that aligns with their financial plans. The coming weeks will provide further clarity on this potential transfer.


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