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Mikel Arteta Calms Arsenal Fans’ Concerns About Declan Rice’s Fitness

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has reassured Arsenal fans amidst concerns over the fitness of new signing Declan Rice during the team’s pre-season tour in America. Arteta clarified that Rice was training alone as a part of managing his workload and that there are no injury concerns.

Addressing Declan Rice Fitness Concerns

Amid worries sparked by footage of Declan Rice training alone on a bike, Arteta clarified that the decision was part of a strategy to manage the player’s workload.

Rice had been involved with the team in earlier sessions and trained with them on the day of Arteta’s press conference. Arteta assured fans that Rice was in good form and there were no fitness issues.

Rice’s recent arrival from West Ham for a record-breaking fee of £105 million has generated significant buzz ahead of the game against the MLS All-Stars.

Arteta expressed his satisfaction with the signing, highlighting the importance of completing the deal in time for Rice to join the team on the pre-season tour.

MLS Development and Future Matches

Arteta also praised the development of the MLS over the past two decades and the recent addition of Lionel Messi to Inter Miami. He acknowledged the league’s progress in attracting top talent and labelled it a clever move that benefits everyone involved.

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Following a 1-1 draw against FC Nurnberg in Germany, Arteta is determined to put on a strong performance against the MLS All-Stars, managed by former Manchester United icon Wayne Rooney.

Arsenal will then face Manchester United in New York before concluding their tour with a match against Barcelona. These games provide opportunities for new signings like Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber, who recently joined Arsenal from Ajax, to make their debut appearances.

Mikel Arteta’s reassurance about Declan Rice’s fitness eases concerns among Arsenal fans. Arteta emphasized the management of Rice’s workload and confirmed that there are no injury worries.

With upcoming matches against the MLS All-Stars, Manchester United, and Barcelona, Arsenal aims to showcase their strength during the pre-season tour. The signings of Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber bring excitement to the team and provide fans with the chance to witness their debut performances.

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